Video is gaining popularity as an effective marketing tool. Using video lets you reach your goals swiftly. 83% of marketers polled in Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey believe using video gives a good ROI.

Using video also boosts brand awareness, reducing support queries significantly. Similarly, branded social videos influence the purchase decision of 73% of consumers.

Here are 7 surprising facts to guide your marketing strategy and make your video marketing great;

1. Demand for Video is Rising

Uptake of video content is on the rise as 85% of internet users prefer video content. People watch 5 billion videos on YouTube every day.

Subsequently, the amount of time internet users spent watching video on the internet has gone up.  As such, using social videos will give you 1200% more shares than you get with images and text.

2. Video Content is More Interesting

People will most certainly remember the call to action in video than text. It’s easy to digest and retain information presented through video.  

It’s also handy when you want to reach out to people who don’t have the time and patience to read lengthy product descriptions. Ultimately, video is a great learning tool and easy to consume.

3. Sharing Videos on Social Media Increases Sales

Using video gives a good ROI. A 2018 research on the state of social video by Animoto reveals that 80% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing.

The study also found that using video gives you 66% more qualified leads. Moreover, video marketing increases brand awareness by 54%.

4. People Stay on Longer Watching Video

Averagely, people spend 88% more time watching video on a website than they would reading text. This is linked to the fact that users retain viewed messages better than written content.

Thus, you can catch their attention with useful video content ranging from demos to explainers among others.

5. Video Generates More Leads Than Text

That’s right. Using video guarantees you 66% more qualified leads in a year. Furthermore, you’ll have a 54% brand awareness increase. You’re also likely to land new customers owing to an increase in quality leads that come with quality content.

6. Video is the future of mobile data traffic

The amount of time users spent watching video content on smartphones is growing. Therefore, you can capitalize on this by creating vertical videos.

It even gets better when you stream your content live. People are three times more likely to watch a live video than static content.

7. Video is a Favorite Type of Content

Users are seeing video content hence it has become the favorite type of content from brands. But most importantly, video has great influence on consumer decisions. 73% of consumers make their purchase decision based on video content.

Well, you can’t afford to ignore the power of video in lead generation, increasing user engagement and conversions among other things. Over to you, do you have resources to create stellar videos?